SIMON SAYS – How to get your house ready for sale in 2018.

For many people the start of every year is a re-set.

It’s no different in real estate and I would also suggest this is boom time for gardeners, painters and house-cleaners.

If you are about to put your house on the market here are my top five tips to get ready for sale and attract top dollar:

1. It’s all about the yard.

It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny courtyard, a massive backyard or any in-between patch of green, the garden presents the first appearance.

Just like when introduced to someone new, first impressions count.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money but make sure the outside is tidy, the lawn always freshly mowed for an open house and investing a small sum in a gardener or landscaper for those higher end properties will pay off on final offer.

2. Downsize the clutter

You don’t want to move all those clothes, pots and prints you have stored in the cupboard to a box and then to another cupboard so get rid of them now. Buyers also want to imagine their furniture fitting in so keeping clutter to a minimum is a win-win.

3. Keep it clean

You know that fresh feeling of a shower or the clean smell after rain?

Washing the outside of the home, either professionally or with a high-pressure hose will give your property that same glow. It will also showcase areas that might need a touch up or attention.

4. Pretty it up

Like a pedicure, a paint job oozes pride in appearance. It’s also pretty.

The wash will expose flaky paint, stains or deterioration.

Everyone wants a clean slate to start another year and a freshly painted home is a big attracter for buyers.

If you are just back from holidays and not getting divorced or ending a relationship, chances are you’ve had time over the Christmas break to talk about the future. You have returned refreshed, positive, renewed priorities with the energy and focus to hit re-set and sell.

Alternatively, the re-set could mean starting anew without a partner so putting the home on the market is the first step and getting the best price is paramount.

For buyers it’s a busy time getting kids ready for school, changing jobs, moving interstate and no one wants to worry about chipping paint when looking to buy.

If they are transferring from a different town, city or state they don’t know tradespeople or who to trust so a home that’s ready to buy and move into with little to do is inviting.

And of course the final tip.

5. Select the right agent

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