Is it time to lock in?


The good news is we are experiencing a very strong property market heading into the Christmas holiday period and it looks set to continue into the first quarter of 2014.

My team and I are fielding multiple enquiries on all of our properties with a number of recently sold houses the subject of competing buyers vying for the same home.

Of course that means healthy prices for sellers.

There is a shortage of stock so properties are selling quickly and achieving great prices. Both investors and owner-occupiers are all out there in the market place bidding and buying up all types of properties.

The next month is one of the busiest and best periods of the year, with many trying to tee up housing on the back of interstate transfers and job changes before the New Year.

If you are considering selling it really is a good time and if you are a home-owner it might also be a good time to consider locking in part of your mortgage.


Here are today’s fixed interest rates for the BOQ.

1 year : 4.75%
2 years : 4.79%
3 years : 4.99%
4 years : 5.29%
5 years : 5.49%

There are low rumblings of a potential rise in interest rates in the New Year and pretty remote chances of a cut this year. While any rises in the future won’t be too significant, having some of your mortgage secured at the lowest level is worth some thought.

The warm start to Spring has already shown that the housing, property and real estate in the Western Suburbs like Paddington, Auchenflower, Red Hill, Rosalie, Toowong, Milton, St Lucia and many other inner-city locations is blooming!!

Until next time…

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